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Conditions of lending for IQOS Mobility Kit (IQOS 10 dage på prøve)

The undersigned (also referred as “the borrower” below) confirms at the time of its digital signature to have borrowed one IQOS Mobility Kit (also referred as “the lending device” below).

The lending period is agreed to 10 days after which it is the borrower’s responsibility to buy or return the lending device from/to Philip Morris ApS. The borrower can return the lending device at any time before the end of the lending period.

The borrower acknowledges not to have any ownership on the lending device during the lending period and/or prior to the final payment to Philip Morris ApS.

The use of the lending device is solely intended for the borrower. The borrower may not lend the IQOS Mobility Kit to others.

The borrower can only lend one IQOS Mobility Kit at a time. Philip Morris ApS reserves the right to cancel any order at any time.

Email and phone communication

The undersigned confirms his agreement to be contacted by email during the lending period for commercial purposes.

After the lending period, if the borrower has neither returned nor bought the lending device, Philip Morris ApS has the right to contact the borrower by email or phone and potentially engage in legal pursuit.


As stated in the email communication to the consumer received at the end of the lending period and titled “Tid til forandring!”, if the borrower wants to continue using IQOS, he/she agrees to pay the full amount of the device value to Philip Morris ApS via MobilePay payment solution (number 32175 Philip Morris ApS).

If the borrower does not want to continue with IQOS, he/she agrees to return the lending device to Philip Morris ApS.

Return of the lending device

The lending period is agreed to 10 days after which it is the borrower’s responsibility to either buy or return the lending device via post by using the free-of-charge return label provided by Philip Morris ApS.

The borrower must return the IQOS Mobility Kit in its entirety, including all accessories provided (IQOS holder, pocket charger, cleaner, USB cable, power adapter).

General conditions related to the website /

All conditions stated on the General Conditions of the website / also apply to the IQOS 10 dage på prøve product, including (but not limited to) conditions related to product availability, product delivery and misuse of the product.

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