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Accessories (8)

IQOS 3 DUO FOLIO 119.00 kr

The Duo Folio is an deal solution for users who have second holder for back to back experience.A great solution for when you on the go.

IQOS 3 Coloured Caps 99.00 kr

The IQOS ORIGINAL coloured caps are available in 12 colours for the IQOS 3.

IQOS 3 Door Cover 69.00 kr

The IQOS ORIGINAL door covers are available in 12 colours.

IQOS 3 Leather Sleeve 119.00 kr

This leather sleeve is a compact solution when you are on the go. Make sure you always have your IQOS 3 and tobacco sticks together, no matter where you are.

IQOS 3 Charging Dock 249.00 kr

The charging dock for IQOS 3 has an elegant and intuitive design. It quickly chargers your IQOS 3 pocket charger, and you can use the holder while you wait. Perfect for those moments at home.

IQOS 3 Leather Folio 319.00 kr

Find what you need, when you need it with this premium leather folio that holds all your IQOS 3 essentials. Perfect for those on-the-go moments.

IQOS 30 Cleaning Sticks 29.00 kr

Clean your IQOS Holder with these individually wrapped, single-use cleaning sticks.

IQOS Cleaning Tool 29.00 kr

The cleaner will keep your IQOS 3 MULTI in perfect condition to ensure you can always enjoy the true taste of real tobacco.

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