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New IQOS Multi enables consecutive IQOS moments

In November 2018, big things happened. A faster, more resistant and better version, IQOS 3 was launched together with a completely new device IQOS Multi. With these two novelties, Philip Morris wants to even better serve the needs of the customers. IQOS 3 charges faster than its predecessors, it is smaller fitting better in hand and pocket and it works in colder temperatures than the previous 2.4+ version. IQOS Multi on the other hand is made to serve especially the legal-age users, who wish to enjoy consecutive IQOS moments without having to wait for the device to charge. It is also so small, that you can easily fit it in a pocket or your smallest evening handbag.

The launch of IQOS 3 took place in many markets around the globe in November. In Denmark from 3rd of December onwards, IQOS 3 and Multi will be available both online as well as in our new IQOS home Heat&Brew Tobacco Store.

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