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IQOS is a real alternative to

Many smokers struggle to give up smoking. Not just
because of nicotine, but because it’s closely linked to a
moment or habit that they enjoy. Many smokers therefore
look for better alternatives as a step in the right direction.

Read on to learn why many Danish smokers feel that IQOS
is a better alternative to cigarettes.

how to use your IQOS

Yasmina and Christian, Copenhagen

”I got rid of my nicotine fingers and the smell in my clothes and hair—but I still get the tobacco. And I even get the feeling that it is real tobacco.”

- Yasmina, 31 years

how to use your IQOS

Cigarette-like satisfaction and taste

The tobacco in the tobacco sticks is carefully selected and processed to ensure it gets evenly heated from the inside, delivering consistent taste and cigarette-like satisfaction. This is why the majority of smokers who switch to IQOS completely quit cigarettes. Simply heated tobacco with IQOS is a better alternative to cigarettes.*

*PMI financials or estimates, IQOS user panels and PMI market research.


In some ways it’s more convenient

Like many of the items we use in our daily life, IQOS needs to be charged. That’s a new habit to get into, but on the plus side IQOS makes a few things more convenient.

- It’s less messy because there’s no fire and no ash.

- It’s less likely to bother people around you, since it smells significantly less than cigarettes.

- The used tobacco sticks can go straight into the bin since they’re never on fire.


A twist on the familiar, with less mess

Is IQOS an e-cigarette? No.

While they are both electronic devices, and do not produce smoke like cigarettes, there is one main feature that distinguishes IQOS from e-cigarettes: IQOS heats real tobacco, producing tobacco vapor. So unlike with e-cigarettes, there are no leaky liquids or accidental spills.


Choice of the right alternative to cigarettes

More and more people are demanding an alternative to tobacco smoking. The best solution, of course, is to get rid of the cigarettes completely, but since it is not an option for everyone, there are a number of alternatives.

Health concerns are one reason why many people are looking for an alternative. With tobacco smoking, a number of toxins are released which can damage long-term health. The harmful toxins result from the tobacco burning and not only pose a number of disease risks to the smoker - they are also bothersome to people near the smoker. Therefore, an alternative to cigarettes should at least significantly reduce the amount of these dangerous toxins.

Another concern among smokers is the annoying smell. There are several odors associated with cigarette smoking: The smell settles in the hands, hair and clothes - and it does not go away by itself. It also sits in furniture, textiles and carpets. Therefore, a cigarette alternative should emit significantly less odor, and any harmful substances should disappear from the environment faster than regular toabcco smoke.

Ordinary cigarettes have undeniably a lot of drawbacks. All smokers have their own personal preferences when talking about alternatives, so there is not one right choice for all smokers. The best choice is based on the smoker's situation, lifestyle and environment.

Recent years have offered a lot of new alternatives to smoking, and more and more smokers are changing. One of the most popular alternatives is e-cigarettes, which evaporate aromatic liquids, often containing nicotine. The vapor from e-cigarettes contains fewer toxins than the smoke from a regular cigarette, and at the same time the vapor disappears from the environment faster than the smoke.

Heated tobacco is also an increasingly popular alternative. The units do not burn the tobacco but heat it up until a tobacco vapor is formed which can be inhaled. Most smokers who are looking for an alternative end up switching to either e-cigarettes or heated tobacco.

If you are looking for an alternative that does not emit any kind of harmful substances, you will probably be looking for a long time.

For many smokers, IQOS is the right alternative: IQOS does not burn tobacco but heats it in the form of specially designed tobacco sticks. In this way, IQOS combines all the benefits of e-cigarettes with real tobacco.

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