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What is QOACH?
QOACH is a customer support program, intended to motivate and support your conversion from cigarettes to IQOS. QOACH is a helping hand. It answers your first questions and supports a correct and safe usage of the product. QOACH has been created based on input from current IQOS users.

Why participate in QOACH?
By joining QOACH you will receive the following benefits:

  • Support by a qualified personal consultant (QOACH) who will be available at your convenience in a period of 8-10 days after your registration, but duration might vary depending on your needs. From our experience after having helped thousands of smokers to convert to IQOS we know it takes from 6-10 days to get used to the benefits of IQOS.

  • The QOACH will, throughout the first days, provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the safe and appropriate use of the product, e.g. correct maintenance, cleaning and charging methods. We know that questions arise, and QOACH is here to help you answer all your questions.

You can always contact your personal QOACH directly to receive the optimal support and service that you need during the Program. You can reach your personal QOACH through your IQOS Customer Service Center on (+45) 80 32 27 27, send an email to or our Customer Care accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

How to register?
You sign up to QOACH by adding the service to your shopping cart when you purchase an IQOS device on /.

Terms & Conditions for participation in QOACH

All adult smokers that have not succeeded with QOACH before can sign up for the program.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you grant your IQOS Consultant permission to process your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes. You can withdraw this agreement and cancel your participation in the program at any time by contacting the IQOS Customer Service Center on +45 80 32 27 27 or by sending an email to The duration of the program is 8-10 days (duration might vary depending on your needs).

The QOACH Consultant is entitled to stop the program at any time. Upon completion or termination of the program, you may continue receiving full after-sales service through our IQOS Customer Service Center (but without any personal guidance from an IQOS QOACH). Call charges does not exceed standard calling rates.

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