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IQOS’ summer sales tour together with “Skodsamlerne” concluded their clean-up efforts with a big finale in the heart of Copenhagen this weekend, on World Clean-up Day. A 2 km radius was around Kronprinsensgade was cleaned up, leaving Copenhagen a little bit more pleasant for everyone. An estimated 45 kilos of litter were taken away for disposal after 4 hours of hard work.

The small army of blue-clad, litter-pickers who started their tour in Liseleje in early June, have made their way around Denmark’s seaside communities, and holiday destinations. Over the course of the past several weeks they made stops in Tisvilde, Skagen and Blåvand to name but a few, and collected over 230 kg of litter from Danish beaches and towns.

As Copenhageners returned from summer holidays, Skodsamlerne descended on the capital and helped clean up the area around Enghaveplads in western Copenhagen. Together with Stempelbar, and with the kind permission of Copenhagen’s Municipality, the IQOS trailer, rubbish bins and smiling Skodsamlere were on call with bin bags and safety equipment for anyone who was keen to join in the effort.

It’s a tremendous and on-going mission to prevent littering—and tobacco littering in particular is a topic where Philip Morris want to help educate and facilitate consumers to take responsibility for how they dispose of used products. Although the summer tour has come to an end, Philip Morris continues to keep focus on anti-littering in Denmark through the "Skod Bedre" campaign, that hopes to educate smokers and help them dispose of cigarette butts responsibly with the help of pocket ashtrays.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the clean-up efforts, and also to those who gave us a smile, a thumbs up and a friendly word of encouragement! Remember, no-one can do everything, but everyone can do something! has information about products that are only for adults in Denmark, who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine products.

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