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Rapid replacement

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Accidents happen

  • If your device breaks or is accidentally damaged, you don’t have to be left without. Just let us know and we’ll arrange a replacement -completely free of charge.*
  • Our rapid replacement service is designed to deliver your new device as soon as possible. In Copenhagen capital area you’ll only have to wait a maximum of 1 hour** before you get your replacement device. In the rest of Denmark we aim to deliver your replacement within 4 working hours***.

Request a rapid replacement

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Register in seconds for rapid device replacement

  • To benefit from the rapid replacement service, just subscribe for myServices. You can register your device at any time during or after purchase, but the sooner the better!
  • The warranty is valid for two years from the day of purchase (against proof of purchase). If no proof of purchase is available the warranty will count from the day the device was imported to Denmark based on our records.
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