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Premium Delivery

We deliver your products and explain how everything works,
to make sure you’re off to the smoothest start possible.

iqos premium delivery
premium delivery

What is
Premium Delivery?

  • We created this free service for you as a new user, to enjoy an even more premium experience which includes:

  • Quickest delivery option. This is the fastest way to get your product, usually within a couple of hours on weekdays*

  • Delivering to a preferred location. We will deliver to your location of choice (café, home or work for example).

  • In-person introduction. Get your product delivered by our staff that can show you how to get started.

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premium delivery

Who can use Premium Delivery?

  • You can book Premium Delivery if:

  • 1

    You are a new customer purchasing your first device with or without tobacco (not bundles) in your order.

  • 2

    Your delivery address is available for the service. Submit your postal code in the below form to see if you can get Premium Delivery in your area:

  • When you are done shopping and go to checkout, you will then have the option to select Premium Delivery among the delivery options.

More Information on Premium Delivery

How do I select Premium Delivery at checkout?
When you're done shopping and go to checkout, you will have the option to select Premium Delivery among the delivery options.
Can we meet anywhere?
With Premium Delivery you will recieve a call from one of our staff members and agree on a preferred time and place to meet. Usually, our staff are able to meet you within a couple of hours and give you a quick tutorial on how to get started with your product. Premium Delivery is availabe almost nationally in Denmark, submit your postal code in the form on the page and see if we deliver in your area!

*Applies during weekdays on orders placed before 14:00
How long does the in-person introduction last?
That is entirely up to you and how comfortable you are using your new product - we will stay for as long as you need. We created this service because we want you to have a smooth start.