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FAQ about the EU Menthol Ban

Yes, the EU menthol ban covers only cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco. You can still buy other tobacco and nicotine products with menthol flavor, such as tobacco sticks for IQOS.
Yes, all menthol cigarettes purchased before the menthol ban can be legally smoked after the ban goes into effect. But you will no longer be able to buy new menthol cigarettes in stores throughout the EU region.
The menthol ban applies to all EU member states. Other countries outside the EU are not covered by the menthol ban but may prohibit menthol cigarettes through national legislation.
The menthol ban results form the EU Tobacco Products Directive which was adoptedb y the European Parliament in 2014 and became applicable on May, 2016, but the ban on menthol cigarettes does not apply until May, 20, 2020.
The ban on menthol cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco comes into effect on May 20, 2020.
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