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At Philip Morris International we are committed to reducing and recycling waste as well as preventing littering. We strive for continuous improvements in line with international agreements which is why we support the Paris Climate Agreement and believe urgent action by all stakeholders is necessary. We recognize the importance for the global environment of moving away from a ”take-make-waste” production model, where raw materials are used to make a product and then discarded, to a more circular model. It is imperative that waste management programs minimize all waste and recycle as much as possible.

To read more about Philip Morris International’s sustainability efforts, please visit PMIs sustainability page (information in English only).

As we expand our portfolio of smoke-free products, we are incorporating sustainability considerations into the design of these products, their packaging, and accessories. Given the sensitive and often scarce resources required for electronic components, products need to be designed with easier recycling in mind.

Yes! In Denmark you can bring your old device to our store for recycling. Our ambition is that each device can be returned after use and recycled in every country where we sell our products. As a first step toward a circular economy at Philip Morris International, we partnered with specialist companies to establish two recycling hubs, or reverse logistics centers, in Europe and Asia. These centralized hubs are part of our CIRCLE program and serve markets covering the vast majority of our device sales volume.

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