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Event: ”I see” design competition
iqos design competition

Event: ”I see” design competition

In the beginning of 2019, we asked seven graphic designers to give their visual interpretation of the sentence “IQOS – this changes everything”. We wished for them to express their visual understanding of the vision of creating a smoke-free future.

Our seven chosen participants had one week to design and shape their visual interpretation of “IQOS – this changes everything”. Simultaneously, they had to visually present how their design would look on various items: a coffee cup, a T-shirt, a paper bag and finally an individually chosen item.

On February 7, all solutions were presented at an exclusive closed event at our store HEAT & BREW, after opening hours. All “I see” designs competed for both a jury award and a crowd favorite award.

The winner of the jury award was Amalie Bolt, while the audience gave the most votes and their award to Mathilde Høyberg.

Even though Amalie and Mathilde won the two grand prizes, the general enthusiasm and admiration for all the submitted design solutions resulted in us deciding to print them all on coffee cups at HEAT & BREW.