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The job as an expert

Steffen Jensen loves his job. As an Expert he helps interested smokers switch to smoke-free alternatives. When in contact with these smokers, he especially likes the positive feedback from the many users, who are happy that they no longer smell of smoke

The future way of smoking

We believe that smoke-free alternatives, such as IQOS, is the future way of smoking. The tobacco is heated instead of being burned. It is a future, where ordinary cigarettes no longer exists.

We know that it requires strength and support to stop traditional smoking. For that reason we have set up a team of IQOS-Experts, who help interested smokers.

”I have a really amazing and exciting job”, Steffen Jensen says, who has been an Expert since 2017. ”Being part of the Expert-team I help and support interested smokers in trying alternatives to smoking."

Steffen Jensen has been an Expert for the last 15 months, adviced around 700 Danish smokers, whom have shown interest in alternatives to smoking.