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Philip Morris in a smoke-free transformation: Doubling their Danish staff
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Philip Morris in a smoke-free transformation: Doubling their Danish staff

Philip Morris Denmark is moving to the Copenhagen Towers on the 22nd of October 2018 because of a severe growth in their employed staff. At Philip Morris, they believe that the rise in their number of Danish employees is closely connected to their renewed focus on smoke-free products.

More Danish employees

Philip Morris is growing from around 30 to 55 employees at the Danish office. That is close to a doubling of their employees since 2016. The company, which has been housed in Weidekampsgade until now, is moving to larger offices to make room for their growing staff numbers. Philip Morris Denmark will be housed in the Copenhagen Towers in Ørestad, from the 22nd of October.

According to Philip Morris, their increase in numbers is due to the recent transformation of the company, which has led to a renewed focus on smoke-free products, instead of traditional smoking-tobacco, among other things.

The future is smoke-free

Previously, Janus Rasmussen headed Philip Morris’ department of innovation in Silicon Valley, and since last year, he has been tasked with handling the transformation to a smoke-free future for the company in all the Nordic countries, along with serving as the leading executive at Philip Morris Denmark.

“At Philip Morris, we are working on a gigantic turn-around in an effort to move away from cigarettes in the long run. Globally, we have chosen to change our focus to smoke-free products, which we are now seeing the effect of – for instance with the expansion of our Danish offices”, states Janus Rasmussen. 

In recent years, Philip Morris has invested heavily in the idea of harm reduction, in the shape of harm free alternatives for smokers, and today, they have over 400 scientists, engineers, and technicians employed solely tasked with developing and researching smoke-free products. The smoke-free products are solely targeted at smokers, who do not wish to quit smoking, offering them less harmful alternatives.