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Smoke-free alternative launches in Sweden and follows Denmark towards a smoke-free future

Smoke-free alternative launches in Sweden and follows Denmark towards a smoke-free future

Our product is growing as a smoke-free alternative in Denmark. It has been launched in Sweden as well and because of this, our Nordic director, Anette Rosengren, was interviewed on Swedish national television.

Since Philip Morris’ launch of the smoke-free alternative in Denmark almost three years ago, more and more Danes are quitting cigarettes and switching to smoke-free alternatives, because you can get the true taste of real tobacco but without smoke, ash and no cigarette smoke smell.

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Anette Rosengren points out that Philip Morris absolutely agrees that the most important thing, which is if you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you smoke, quit. If you don’t quit, you should change for a better alternative.

Adult smokers in Denmark are curious about alternatives. Philip Morris has and will continue to promptly answer any questions adult smokers may have about the product.

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Anette Rosengren adds that the Swedes are already well on their way to a smoke-free future, as Swedes use snus or e-cigarettes and only 7% of the Swedish population smoke cigarettes. She believes that Sweden can become the first non-smoking country in the world. In Denmark we have the same smoke free ambition. And perhaps in the near future, all of Scandinavia will be smoke-free.

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