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Philip Morris launches new campaign in Great Britain

This October, Philip Morris launched a new campaign in Great Britain, which encourages smokers to quit smoking. The Campaign, which is called “Hold My Light”, is focused on convincing smokers to become smoke-free.

Friends and family play a crucial role

The campaign “Hold My Light” contains a campaign web-page, www.holdmylight.co.uk, and a video in which a woman navigates her way through a labyrinth of lasers to hand in her lighter to a group of friends, to get them to hold it, so she can become smoke-free. The campaign puts great emphasis on the fact that friends and family play a crucial role if a smoker is to quit smoking.

”Friends and family don’t do it alone, but in Britain, where a pack of cigarettes costs 10 pounds, and the cigarette packs are neutral and hidden away in stores, the British still smoke. Therefore, we need to use other tools if people are to quit smoking”, says Philip Morris’ newly appointed Danish Head of Communication, Charlie Stjerneklar, who believes that the “Hold My Light”-campaign is a solid contribution.

“Our research unequivocally shows that people, who are helped to quit smoking by friends and family, do a lot better than people, who do not get help”.

We do mean what we say

The launch of the “Hold My Light”-campaign has provoked mixed reactions in Denmark, which is surprising to Charlie Stjerneklar.

I am very surprised that there have been so many negative reactions to our film because we do mean what we say. If you smoke today, you should quit, and if you can’t, then you should use some of the alternatives to cigarettes, which we sell. We say this almost constantly, also here in Denmark”, Says Charlie Stjerneklar.