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Philip Morris: Together, we create a sustainable future
iqos sustainable future

Philip Morris: Together, we create a sustainable future

Philip Morris: Together, we create a sustainable future

The Davos summit is about much more than press conferences and messages from world leaders. This year's summit was devoted to sustainability and climate. Once again, we sent several representatives from our senior management to draw attention to Philip Morris' mission: creating a more sustainable and smoke-free future.

We are the only tobacco company whose activities focus on replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products as quickly as possible, and we are making fundamental changes to our business in order to live up to this ambition," CEO Jacek Olczak writes in an email to Danish national daily newspaper, Berlingske.

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Alongside the summit in Davos, we have also launched a new smoking cessation campaign, Unsmoke Your Mind, where the main message is clear: If you do not smoke, do not start. If you smoke, stop. If you cannot stop, we recommend switching to nicotine-containing, smoke-free alternatives.

We work determinedly to live up to the UN’s 17 Global Goals for sustainability.

It requires action.

It requires transformation.

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In an email to Berlingske, our Head of Sustainability, Huub Savelkouls, writes that "We know that in the long term, we cannot succeed if we do not make our business more sustainable, and sustainability cannot be achieved without transformation."

In order to create a more sustainable and smoke-free future, it is essential that sustainability is an integral part of business strategy. Therefore, we have made sustainability the core of our business. This is reflected in everything we do, and in particular, in our work to offer smokers a better and more sustainable alternative to cigarettes.

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