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No air flow?

Your IQOS 3 Duo Holder might need a clean.


Wait for your device to cool down. Slide your cap upwards to remove it.


Insert the IQOS cleaning tool and rotate gently. Do this regularly to reduce any tobacco build-up.


Switch to your IQOS cleaning sticks to get into all creases of the heating chamber and Holder to avoid breaking or damaging the heating blade.

How to clean

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We are here to support you


Regularly updating the firmware of your device will help you to maintain the device performance and improve your experience. It may also resolve your issue!

Firmware update


You may place a self replacement order through our online diagnostics tool! We will help you step by step to identify your issue and let you know if you are eligible for a replacement, and if you are, we will arrange it for you! Visit self-diagnostics tool

Self-diagnostics tool

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