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Prices of cigarettes and other tobacco products to rise even more in Denmark
prices of cigarettes

Prices of cigarettes and other tobacco products to rise even more in Denmark

Prices of cigarettes and other tobacco products to rise even more in Denmark

In Denmark, the price of cigarettes will go up. The incremental rise has already begun on the 1st of April 2020, and we will continue to see new and higher price points on cigarettes until 2022. The average price point for a cigarette pack has already increase by 14,5 DDK. The new prices are a result of the Danish Finance Act 2020.

The overall purpose of the increase in price is mainly to prevent children, and young people from smoking cigarettes and use other tobacco-related products. According to various experts, a high price point on cigarettes can have a preventive effect.

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In Denmark, cigarette prices are already at a high price point. Compared to other European countries, Denmark will by 2022 be ranked among the top three countries in Europe with the highest prices on cigarettes. However, that scenario will only happen if other European countries do not adjust their prices.

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New price points across all tobacco-related products

The Danish Finance Act 2020 and the newly introduced taxes have an impact on all tobacco products including cigars, cigarillos, cheroots, chewing tobacco, snuff and other smoke-free alternatives. All of these products have risen approximately 14 DKK per pack since the 1st of April 2020. They will continue to rise 5 DKK per pack from the 1st of January 2022. E-liquid will rise 2 DKK per ml from July 2022.

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